Group Healing with Chagai Katz

Chagai Katz ET Healer


In his current work Chagai combines the following 3 elements:

Guide people to heal themselves;
Train people to change old habits.
During the group healing, Chagai will give a general message, whereby the participants will be approached collectively. Next, Chagai will guide the group with a special and unique meditation. This meditation will contain the above 3 elements, along with a special explanation about the Bosnian pyramid complex.
In this way it will be possible to gain an advantage in terms of healing, because everyone can connect to this on a spiritual level.

It promises to be a special ET group healing!

Throughout the meeting, participants will experience frequencies, energies, vibrations, and secret codes that will support them in their spiritual growth. Many will experience a high energy that will help them to increase their own energy and support them to look at their own life from a higher order. In this way they themselves are able to manifest wishes and desires more easily.

The program also consists of:

Cosmic Sound Healing Experience;
Interactive dialogue (channeling);
Q&A, where you can ask a question that will be answered by his ET Team through Chagai from the higher dimensions.
The group healing is given in English. Where necessary, a translation into Dutch can take place.

I hope to see you soon!

Chagai Katz